Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

The holidays are almost upon us—do you have all of your gifts ready?

I’ll admit, I only just finished ordering presents for everyone on my list (and I’m crossing my fingers that they all get here on time!).

But maybe you’re still feeling at a loss for what to get the entrepreneur on your list. After all, they’re starting a business (or maybe running one); they need something that will make their life easier.

Or, maybe you’re the entrepreneur—feel free to share a link to this post with your friends and family (hint hint). We won’t judge.

gifts for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who need to keep track of great ideas

1. Moleskine notebooks

A classic, and a favorite around our office, these sleek, handy little notepads were suggested multiple times!

They come in multiple sizes and colors, both lined and unlined, to suite a variety of note-taking styles.

2. A Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

Taking the beloved Moleskine one step further is their partnership with Evernote,which allows you to digitize your notes.

Essentially, Moleskine has created a line of notebooks with specially lined pages that, when photographed with the Evernote app, become searchable, digital versions of your handwritten notes. A must for entrepreneurs who like to keep things old school, but would also like to integrate Evernote’s great technology into pen-and-paper notes.

3. A whiteboard with markers

For entrepreneurs who love a good brainstorming session, why not a nice big whiteboard?

With to-do lists a mile long, a whiteboard is something any budding entrepreneur would appreciate.

4. Some great pens

These Sharpie Fine Point Pens are a favorite around the office, and they would make a great gift for any entrepreneur—maybe with a few Moleskines? Just don’t use them on that whiteboard!

gifts for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who want to learn more

5. A great book (or several) on entrepreneurship

Where do we even start? We’re huge fans of Lean Planning here at Palo Alto Software, so “The Lean Startup” is definitely a good place to start, as is “The Art of the Start.” A few other great reads: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and Rand Fishkin’s “Lost and Founder.”

6. A Kindle

With so many great books on entrepreneurship, a Kindle or other e-reader might be the perfect gift for an entrepreneur. With a seemingly endless amount of ebooks, they’ll be able to enjoy your gift over and over again.

gifts for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who are ready to start and run their businesses

7. An annual LivePlan subscription

We’d be remiss in not recommending our own business planning software here; a subscription to LivePlan would make a great gift for the entrepreneur who needs to write a plan to seek a loan or investment.

But, one of LivePlan’s superpowers is actually in better business management. Connecting LivePlan to Quickbooks Online or Xero puts mere mortals in the driver’s seat with an easy to use business dashboard at their fingertips. It’s the gift of no more spreadsheets.  

8. A Square card reader

If you know that your favorite entrepreneur is planning on accepting card payments and needs a small, convenient mobile payment processor, why not look into giving them a Square card reader?

The process of accepting payments can be a hassle, so anything that solves this problem is bound to make a fantastic holiday gift.

If you’re not sure Square will fit their needs, you can read more about our favorite payment processors here: The Best Mobile Payment Processor.

9. A subscription to Evernote Premium

Evernote’s free service is great, but a budding entrepreneur (or even a more seasoned one) would likely appreciate the increased functionality of Evernote’s premium edition, which lets users turn their notes into presentations, sync across their devices, access notes even when offline, and more.

gifts for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs who need a boost to take on the day

10. A great coffee-making set up

Late nights and early mornings are inevitable for entrepreneurs. How about making that process easier with some great coffee? An Aeropress coffee maker,the ever-fancy Chemex, or my personal favorite pour over method all make great cups of coffee. Pick up some beans from your favorite local roaster, and you’re in business.

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